It Rhymes With “Wild Corn”

It’s been 95 degrees and humid here for two days. And in Annie-land, that means it’s time for a cranky rant. Here we go . . .

You know what really REALLY ticks me off? Like beyond-reason angry? The fact that I have some really great pics of the kids playing on the slip ‘n’ slide yesterday, and I don’t feel I can post them because of what some sick, depraved, disgusting excuse for a human being might do with them.

I made a conscious choice when I started blogging to go ahead and post pictures of my moppets (without names) because I refuse to let fear rule. But I am cautious. And aware. And now I’m ticked that caution and awareness (and yes, fear) is telling me not to post these photos, which should be nothing more than joyful examples of kids enjoying a summer day. And I’m super ticked that I had to try to think like a sick, depraved, disgusting excuse for a human being in order to determine the wisdom behind posting certain pictures. And I’m even more ticked that I was able to see how certain pictures – OF MY CHILDREN – could be altered in a disgusting way.


I actually believe in the innate goodness of humanity in general. But that handful (God, please let it just be a handful) of sick, depraved, disgusting excuses for human beings that create, distribute, and look at the stuff I’m referring to get not one iota of my compassion.

I’m ticked, too, that I can’t even name the issue outright (see post title) because I’m afraid of what kind of traffic I’ll get from search engines. I also can’t describe what I’d like to do to the folks in question for the same reason, but I’m sure you can use your imagination. Let’s just say my non-violent nature takes a backseat when this particular issue comes up. There are some things there is just no excuse for.

This rant is SO not over.

But I’m going to stop myself before I got too deeply into the darkness. You really don’t have to look too far in this world to find ample reasons for anger, fear, and despair. I mean, really. But as the saying goes, when you turn toward the light, the shadows fall behind you.

So I’ll turn back around now, and try to focus on the goodness that surrounds me. And even as I do, I can find that one (just one) iota of compassion, for the simple fact that those people must have no clue what true joy and contentment feels like. There’s still no excuse, and I’d still perform amateur surgery on any individual who brought that crap to my doorstep. But anger itself is unproductive. I will direct and channel that anger where it’s appropriate, but I will not despair. I will face the light, rather than the shadows. And I’ll remain cautious and aware, but I won’t let fear rule.

And pretty soon I’ll post a rant about restaurants that objectify women. That one’s been brewing for a while. But not tonight. 🙂

Rant over. Kiss your babies.

Good night.

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  1. According to the neroplasticity book I am reading, their brains are wired differently. The thing that rhymes with corn, on the internet, actually wires their brains to crave more. The purveyors of said “corn” know exactly how to make their wares so that the people who watch it are forever altered by it and want more and more and more until it seeps into their real lives and they seek it there. So, yes they are wired differently by a sick industry that preys upon people. This does not take any blame away from the customers of “corn” but it does help to explain that it must be stopped at the source if we are to make any real changes.

  2. Such a hard issue. As you can tell, I choose to just ignore the possibility and am very open with my children’s names and pics online, but I know that my ignoring does not make it go away. I love your rants!!!! XO

  3. It is horrifying that people are depraved, because that is what you’re really talking about. It’s absolute sickness and depravity that prevents me from getting to laugh at pics of the kiddos on the Slip n Slide. I have to believe that the folks you are talking about are wired differently. I am sorry for them and the limitations their sickness puts on innocent joy being spread. And I’m sorry that their messed up brains are making you feel such anger. Can’t wait to see you back in the light soon, my friend! 🙂

  4. All we can do is pray for the sad sad souls that are driven to such madness.
    As my mom says: “Good thing God loves them, ‘cuz I sure don’t know how to”

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