I’m not going to say anything about the move, other than AAAARRGGHHH!

Ah, that felt good.

It’s coming along. Just not as quickly as I’d like it to. But enough about that.

We have actually managed to have a lot of fun over the past few weeks, with Havarti’s extended family in town. I have some great pics to share, once I get some time, but for now I wanted to jot down this story so I don’t forget it.

We took the kids to the pool last week, which all three of them absolutely love. BoyWonder, in particular, is drawn to the water like . . . well, like a fish to water. (Sorry, I don’t have the brain function for a better analogy right now.) The kid really thinks he can swim (or “fwim” as he calls it). He crawls around the toddler pool on all fours in a swimming motion, grinning from ear to ear the whole time. And when I take him into deeper water, he struggles and pushes my arms and hands away, saying “My turn! My turn!!” as he tries to “fwim.”

It’s funny how something can be so cute and so terrifying at the same time.

So, not long after we got to the toddler pool, BoyWonder started doing his crawl-swim. I was sitting poolside, keeping an eye on him and chatting with Havarti’s cousin’s wife. Suddenly, BoyWonder lost his footing in the deepest part (maybe 18 inches deep – opposite the side of the pool where we were sitting) and went under. He popped up quickly, but then slipped again. Then he popped up again, then went down – and stayed down – and I could tell he just couldn’t get his footing. So I sprinted Baywatch-style through the splash pool and yanked him out of the water. He coughed and sputtered for about ten seconds, and I thought, “This is actually good – it’ll probably instill a bit of fear into him about the water.”

Um, no. The second he caught his breath, he pushed himself out of my arms and jumped right back in the pool yelling, “I FWIMMING! I FWIMMING!!”

I think it’s time for some toddler swim lessons.

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  1. Yep, two uncles who were also seahorses in water when tadpole age. BoyWonder is right on the mark. Ahhh, those genetic consistencies. Woot.

  2. Remember Terran at the pool? He would jump off the 3 foot board and swim to the side underwater to the side to be taken out and then zip to the board again.

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