Good Rodents vs. Bad Rodents

A few months ago, I introduced you lovely readers to our pet rats, Cinnamon and Midnight. Cute, right? Pet rats = good rodents.

Below is Cinnamon and Midnight’s food container. We keep it in the school room, under the table where we keep their cage.
A week ago, this container was full. The rats eat approximately 6 to 8 blocks a day. Something clearly doesn’t work out with that math, but since the girls are the ones that feed them, I didn’t notice how quickly the food had disappeared. I also didn’t notice that the lid was being left ajar.
So a couple of days ago, I was going about my business, rearranging some furniture in the school room. And as I pulled this bookcase away from the wall – the one 12 feet across the room from the rat cage – guess what I found.

Dude. That is a LOT of rat food. Someone is hoarding. Someone = bad rodents. Mice, I’m guessing. Icky, hoarding, prairie mice. I can’t imagine how hard they’ve been working to build up such a treasure trove. I bet they thought they’d won the little rodent lottery.
And that wasn’t their only stash. This cabinet sits along the same wall as the bookcase. See how the door is ajar?
When I cleaned out that cabinet, I found more rat blocks. The bad rodents had chewed through one of my phonics game bags and deposited the blocks inside it. They also nibbled on the foam letter dice. Nice.
The good news is that we just got a flyer from one of the neighbor kids advertising his rodent catching services. So he’ll come and rid us of our bad rodents for $2.00 a pop. Then our good rodents won’t have their food swiped by the bad rodents anymore. 
Not that the rats cared. They’re not big fans of the rat blocks anyway, preferring Cheerios over most other foods. Perhaps they were in on it. Conspiring little buggers.
It’s weird to think of all that goes on here after we go to bed. Weird and creepy and funny. I wish I had a video camera to watch how it all goes down. 

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  1. I really loved this post. I fully agree with you that rat = good and mouse = bad. No matter how hard I try to seal my house those little mice always find a way in. My my pet rats probably think it’s unfair that they have to sit in their cage while those little pests get the run of the house.

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