A Few of My Favorite Things

Did you know that bloggers get sent all kinds of merchandise by companies begging to have their products endorsed? Well, super popular bloggers do, anyhow. I don’t. Apparently, I’m just not that cool.

I do, however, have some favorite “how-did-I-ever-survive-before-this-was-invented” items that I thought I’d share with you. Just cuz I feel like it.

I’m a giver. I give. It’s what I do.

If I ever get offered money to say something is cool, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, my blogging integrity is fully in tact.

And, off we go. These are a few of my favorite things:

The Keeper
[Warning to the menfolk: I’m about to talk menstruation. Feel free to skip to the next item if Aunt Flo makes you squeamish.] I bought my Keeper 12 years ago. I LOVE IT. Seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. There are a few of these tampon/pad alternatives on the market (Diva Cup is another one). I haven’t used any but the Keeper, but I imagine they’re all about the same.

At first I thought it might be kind of gross, but it’s really not. (The whole process is kind of gross, actually. There’s no getting around that.) It’s just so nice to not have to carry tampons or pads, and not have to spend the money on them, either. Not to mention the environmental impact. Highly recommend it.

The Ergo
There are a lot of baby carriers on the market. I’ve used a Maya wrap, New Native carrier, Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, and the Ergo. The Moby Wrap was great for the newborn/little baby phase, but my favorite carrier for the older baby (when you really need the most comfort because of their weight) is the Ergo.

The Ergo sits on your hips and distributes the weight more down there and less on your shoulders. My babies were big honking tanks, especially around the six-month mark, and the Ergo was a backsaver. It may seem a little daunting to get the babe into it by yourself, but just a little practice went a long way. I could whip my moppets in and out of that thing on my back like it was nothin’. And it lasts well into toddlerhood. I got mine seven years ago, and they’ve gotten all kinds of cool designs and accessories since then.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Seriously, you just have to try them. I always worried that they must be filled with some horrible toxic chemical in order to be so effective, but they’re just melamine foam. The same kind of foam that they use to soundproof rooms, apparently. You can see how they work here. Kinda spiffy. Your refrigerator door handle never looked so clean.

Soma Underwear
I think I have an oddly-shaped derriere. I can never get underwear that fits right and doesn’t ride up. But over Christmas break I went shopping with my sis-in-law, and we went into Soma Intimates. They had some undies in a sale bin, and they looked kind of cute, so I bought some. They are AWESOME.

First, they have a hem that “disappears” so you can’t see any panty lines. And second, they have these very very thin strips of rubbery stuff along the edges that sort of sticks them in place. You don’t feel it at all – they’re the most comfy undies I’ve ever had. They fit well, look cute, and stay put. Love love love.

Wireless Printer
Why I waited so long to buy a wireless printer is a mystery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been perusing the Internet for educational stuff and come across a great printable, only to have to haul my butt up off the couch, go to the office, connect the printer to the laptop, and then print. A First World Problem, for sure, but being able to print with my tush firmly planted in the couch cushions makes me incredibly happy. It’s the little things in life.

Oh, Pandora. She gets me. She can read my mood, my thoughts, my desires. She knows what I want to listen to before I even do. Genius, truly. The Pink station is the only thing that keeps me motivated to work out. And if I’m in an acoustic alternative coffeeshop mood, she’s there for me. Her lullaby stations have helped the moppets drift into dreamland. She’s like a friend who always says the right thing. Bless her heart.

Virtues Cards
I bought a set of virtues cards at a Baha’i conference years ago, and they’ve been a great tool in our educational journey. We do a Virtue of the Week (integrity, compassion, creativity, honesty, patience, perseverance, etc.), and these cards are great for giving a concise definition for each virtue and ways to practice it. They also have quotes from various spiritual traditions and faiths on them, as well as an affirmation that I have the kids memorize.

I just went to the Virtues Project web site and saw that they have different versions now for specific religions, with quotes that come from that faith’s holy texts. There’s even a First Nations one, which I think is pretty cool, although I personally like having quotes from all different sources. [On a related note, I also highly recommend “The Family Virtues Guide” by Linda Kavelin Popov. It’s what the virtues cards are based on, and she has some fantabulous parenting advice in the beginning of the book.]

My Floor-length Down Coat
I can’t believe I lived in Chicagoland for five years before I bought a full-length down coat. It’s a thing of beauty. Havarti calls me Nanuk of the North when I wear it, but I don’t give a rat’s rear. It’s the one thing that’s made winter here bearable.

Baby Wipes
One of the best parts of being a mom is discovering the miraculous properties of baby wipes. I think I’ll carry them in my purse forever. They’re amazing stain-treaters, and they can get almost any spill out of a carpet. Plus I like to use them to wash my hands after grocery shopping so I can crack open the bag of chips for the drive home. Oh yeah, and there’s the whole baby bum-wiping thing. They work well for that, too.

Well, that was fun. How about y’all? What are some of your “I-could-probably-live-without-this-but-wouldn’t-really-want-to” items?

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  1. I am in total agreement! My only addition would be the bike trailer. I am getting a great workout hauling my two around town. It is a bit slow going on our library trips… we seem to check out half a million books every week. (:

  2. I totally agree with many of your “love-it”s.

    They came out with a keeper-type thing way before you were born and I was very sad when they took it off the market. Glad it is back.

    I had found a baby carrier named snuggly that is very different from the ones produced later and I carried you in it to toddlerhood.

    YOU taught me about Mr Clean sponges and I tried it, thinking it wouldn’t work and was happily wrong!

    Now I will share…found something the other day that you might want to try. GoToob . They are travel containers and are kinda pricey but nothing else touches them. You can even put food in them. They are squishy and are made to suction to a tile wall. When you pop the top open, even when they are upside down, no leaking until you squeeze it. Amazing.
    Best thing for this time of year candy. Got some Peeps with the bottom dipped in Dark Chocolate… talk about dual favorite.

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