Don’t Worry, Honey. It’s Perfectly Normal.

This is what happens when you’re the younger brother of two older sisters and your mom is too busy/lazy/cheap to get you your own dress-up clothes:

Good golly, he’s adorable.
As a fairy or a football player. 
(This Seahawks jersey is the one and only piece of traditionally boy dress-up clothing in our entire household. I don’t think we even have anything that would traditionally be considered gender neutral, other than maybe a bandana or two.)  
Maybe it’s time to go costume shopping, if only to let the boy know that not all dress-up clothes have sequins or skirts. And that they do come in something other than pink.

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  2. MomJudy

    Beautiful ballet-ic pose in one of them. It IS ok for guys to do ballet. I remember Tim in KISS costume. Use cardboard boxes and oatmeal boxes to make a robot costume. Use your Cats ideas to make him a non-pink cat–heheh.

    1. Motherhood and More

      We do have two cat leotards, they’re just way too big for him still. I’m going to make him a Superman cape, I think. He likes to play Superman (which is funny, because I don’t recall him ever seeing Superman anywhere).

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