Catch-up Bullets

  • Our rodent-catching neighbor boy caught himself a mouse in our schoolroom. Ew. I hope it was the only one.
  • Havarti and I had our first overnight date in 3 1/2 years this past weekend. The hotel gave us a complimentary upgrade to a suite. Very nice. Ironically, I was so giddy to get a guaranteed full night’s sleep that I wasn’t sleepy and stayed up until 12:30 watching “The Wedding Date” on TBS. Slept until 8:15. Exactly the same amount of sleep I usually get. Oh well. We had fun. 
  • We couldn’t decide on where to go, and we wanted to try something new within walking distance of our hotel, so we visited the Driehaus Museum. It’s this 24,000 sq ft mansion in downtown Chicago that was built in the 1870’s. (It took 500-600 people working full-time four years to build it – and you can see why when you go there. My gracious, the fireplaces alone are worth a trip.) If you have any interest in architecture, carpentry, marblework, tilework, artwork, or craftsmanship of any kind, or just want to see something incredibly beautiful and impressive, I highly recommend it. It’s a little pricey, but we didn’t regret going. Absolutely stunning. 
  • I went to an Andy Grammer concert with P-Diddles on Friday night and learned several things: 
    1. I’m too old for concerts where people stand the whole time, even though we managed to snag a couple of tall chairs in the balcony.
    2. I’m too snooty for concerts where Drunk Girl next to you talks to you the whole time – through every single song – like she’s your best friend. 
    3. The first opening act, Justyn Dow, was awesome. That kid’s going places.
    4. The second opening act, Rachel Platten, was very good. She did a slow rendition of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice,” which was sort of funny, but since there were a large handful of children in the audience it made me cringe.  
    5. I was thrown by the name on the billing and thought that the main opener, Ryan Star, was going to be Ryan Starr of American Idol fame. She’s a chick. This was a dude who sounded a little like Neil Diamond and at whom Drunk Girl shouted from from the balcony, “YOU’RE SO CREEPY!” after he made several borderline pedophile-like remarks. Good singer. Icky with the talking.
    6. I’m too much of a mom to accept it gracefully when a show that’s advertised as “all ages” turns out to be a decidedly PG-13 experience.
    7. Andy Grammer is adorable, a great musician, and travels with a fabulous band. Bass player with the dreads . . . mmhmm.
    8. While #7 is true, when the show starts at 7:00 and the headliner doesn’t start until 9:30 after three opening acts, I start fantasizing about my bed too much to truly enjoy the performance.
    9. When you combine the above statements with the fact that I was bummed that it was too dark to crochet while we were waiting for the concert to start, it’s pretty clear that I’ve become a full-fledged old hag. 
    10. I’m OK with that.
  • In preparation for my hot date with Havarti, I tried on some perfume last week at Target. While tucking the girls in, The Muse mentioned that it smelled kind of like cupcakes, to which Dolittle added, “Mommy, you already smell like cupcakes. Why would you get a perfume that smells like cupcakes?” Aw. I think I’ll keep her.
  • It took our whole family three hours just to clean the upstairs floor of our house the other day. Much of that was backed-up laundry and reorganizing things, but still. Gadzooks. 
  • Dolittle is becoming quite the little reader. She bought this book series about warrior cats with her Christmas money from great-grandma, and she carries one around everywhere. They’re above her reading level, but she understands enough to enjoy reading them, so that’s fabulous. It’s great when they push themselves. 
  • We’ve started watching Downton Abbey, along with the rest of the free world, apparently. Great show, even though I’d been mentally calling it “Downtown Abbey” right up until watching the first episode. Downton Abbey makes much more sense. 🙂

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  1. Judy

    G’ma Gen says to tell you that she waited YEARS to see Neil Diamond and she won tickets to him that included a dinner and a limo ride. She had the exact same complaints, adding “having to watch the guy near us who couldn’t dance to the rhythm”.

  2. LakeMom

    I love the way you summarized why we shall never ever make a date to go to a concert again — unless all instruments are acoustic, all seating is padded, and all attendees are sober.

    DOwntown Abbey — tee hee hee.

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