20 Things I Love

To counteract my cranky hate post from a few weeks ago, I thought it was time to make my 20 Things I Love list. (Incidentally, my nose is still running. I think that cold triggered some spring allergies or something.)

I’m not going to include the obvious things, like my faith, my family, and my friends. Too easy. These are 20 random things I love, right off the top of my head. Definitely not all-inclusive. Just the first that came to mind. Ready, set, go:

1) Babies. Followed closely by toddlers. I’d have a dozen more moppets if they stayed under 3.

2) Pretty much anything covered in dark chocolate. Lately I’ve been loving dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

3) Washable markers. Thank God I became a parent during their era.

4) Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. (Can you tell I have a 2-year-old?) Those things really are magic. The only thing they haven’t been able to get out is crayon on the cloth walls in the basement. Oh yes, he did.

5) Sharpies. Totally not washable. Totally don’t care. I love Sharpies so much I have a bouquet of them in my bedroom. For reals.

6) Facebook. I’ve reconnected with so many people I probably never would have thanks to that privacy-sucking, advertising-laden piece of technological genius.

7) My iPhone. Not sure how I ever got anywhere or did anything without it.

8) Tulips. Such a simple, happy flower.

9) “Between” times. Dawn and twilight. Spring and autumn (especially autumn). The anticipation once you’ve planned a trip, but before you actually go. Not sure how else to describe this one. Between times.

10) Picture books. I read an article not long ago about how picture books are being pushed out because there’s such a big emphasis on reading chapter books earlier and earlier. Sad. A good picture book is like magic.

11) Standing at the edge of the ocean. Looking out at that vast, fathomless, mysterious enormity makes you feel so tiny and insignificant, yet so full of amazement and awe at the same time.

12) My jammies. I’m a comfortable, jeans-and-a-t-shirt dresser anyway, but I LOVE getting into my soft, comfy jammies before bed.

13) My camera. I’m so glad we bought a nice DSLR. I worried we’d have buyer’s remorse, but I don’t regret that purchase one iota.

14) Romantic comedies. I can’t help it. Don’t judge.

15) Windows. I love natural light. Wherever we live, big windows is a non-negotiable requirement.

16) Fruit. There is nothing better than a perfectly ripe nectarine, or a really good bunch of grapes, or a crisp, juicy, equally-sweet-and-tart apple. If I was ever going to be any kind of radical dieter, I’d be a fruitarian for sure. (As long as I could occasionally dip the fruit in dark chocolate.)

17) Soy decaf caramel lattes. I make my own at home. Such a treat.

18) Maps of the world. And globes.

19) College campuses with old, ivy-covered brick buildings.

20) Making lists. Followed closely by crossing items off a list. Huh. That sounds odd. But hey, I just made a list! That makes me happy.

Well, that was fun. For me, at least. Y’all should make a list like this. It’s a quick way to boost your spirits. 🙂

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Annie writes about life, motherhood, world issues, beautiful places, and anything else that tickles her brain. On good days, she enjoys juggling life with her husband and homeschooling her children. On bad days, she binges on chocolate chips and dreams of traveling the world alone.

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  1. I was just thinking how much I loved that tree outside of Law Hall in the spring because when it bloomed it smelled just like spring should- hopeful.

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