If This is How She's Going to Rebel

If This is How She Rebels, More Power to Her

The other night, my 15-year-old daughter came into the bathroom to chat with me while I got ready for bed. She’s been taking a community college nutrition class, and she told me the chapter she’d just read in her textbook …

The Magical AgeWhen ParentingGets Easier

The Magical Age When Parenting Gets Easier

I’ve asked myself countless times over my 15 years of parenting, “When the bleep is this going to get easier?” Three kids, each four years apart, has meant a near-constant stream of neediness of some sort or another since the birth of my …


The Top Secret Dictionary All Kids Use

Eureka! I’ve done it, you guys! I’ve FINALLY discovered why kids do all the baffling things they do. It’s not that they’re deliberately trying to drive us out of our ever-lovin’ minds, it’s that they are operating under a totally different set …

Tell Her She's Beautiful

Tell Her She’s Beautiful

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What Parents of Teens Need to Know About Tinder

The story of Nicole Madison Lovell, the 13-year-old Virginia girl who was murdered by people she met on social media, renewed many parents’ fears of raising kids in the technological age. We hope that our kids will be smart, we educate them about …