When Your Holiday Has a Hole

Thanksgiving was my mother-in-law’s holiday. I only remember one Thanksgiving in my husband’s and my 16-year marriage that we didn’t spend with Judy in the kitchen. She was a whiz with the menu. She made accommodating all the the gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo and …


12 Reasons Moms Love Yoga Pants

Being a mom today is better than at any other time in history, thanks to life-enhancing inventions such as washing machines, dishwashers, breast pumps, and—most importantly—yoga pants. I’m convinced that yoga pants must’ve been invented by a genius mom somewhere, …


Mommy Brain

I used to be smart, I think. I graduated from college with honors, so I’m pretty sure my brain used to function fairly well. I vaguely remember being able to do things that required focus and attention. Vaguely. You know …


10 Awesome Open-Ended Building Toys for Kids of All Ages

When our family packed up all of our belongings and traveled the country last year, about 75% of our kids’ toys went bye-bye. And frankly, good riddance. The only toys we kept were open-ended toys that encouraged creativity and would hold the kids’ interest …


The Earth Delights in Dolittle

I love this quote—especially the way it captures the spirit of our younger daughter, as well as this photo of her.


How I Handle Sibling Injustice

“Mo-om! Why did [sibling’s name] get more [milliliters of juice/millimeters of cookie/milliseconds of screen time] than I did?! That’s not fair!” Oh, yes. About that. Your father and I were talking last night, and we decided that there’s not nearly enough …